Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Working Cows

Saturday morning, Blake, my father-in-law Greg, and my dad got up early to go work the cows. I guess they need worming medicine, and among other things, they also needed to be pregnancy checked. After they got the steers caught, they began setting up the portable working corral type-thingy {as you can see, I’m real versed in all the cow lingo}. Blake’s friend, Ryan, came out to help – they were able to use his squeeze shoot that keeps the cow “trapped” so that they can doctor her. Those cows were quite frisky and pretty much did not want anything to do with what was going on, but that’s just to be expected! Greg was able to “perform” the pregnancy test and it seems most of the cows are bred – woo hoo! I cannot wait for those cute little babies to be born! Stella and I loved watching our favorite guys mess with the cows!

{I got Miss Thing up early and we got donuts and went out to the farm}

{Emilio's work was done - after he rounded up the steers}

{Aunt Brigitte lovin on Stella - and Cadillac wishing he was in the action}

{She loves her donuts}

{She can stuff quite a few in her mouth}

{Watching daddy, Papaw, and G-Daddy}

{Trying to figure out how to get the pen set up}

{pregnancy test}

{my handsome cowboy}

{my baby daddy}

{workin' hard}


  1. That "Miss Thing" is the cutest, most precious Baby EVER!!!

  2. I agree with your mom! Great pictures!

  3. Looks like fun!! Good ol' preg checks!! ;)