Sunday, August 12, 2012

Big Girl

I figured it was time to go ahead and make the transition to a forward-facing car seat. Although Stella is still not even close to meeting the weight limit of the previous car seat, her little head was starting to get too close to the top, so we decided to go ahead and switch her to forward facing. I'm sad to see her getting bigger, but I know this is just the first of MANY transitions. She seems to be enjoying her new view!

And I had to show ya'll one of her favorite stuffed animals right now. It's a stuffed horse that neighs, whinnies, and vibrates when you push it's arm - and she absolutely loves it. She stands there and squeezes it while it vibrates her little arms up and down. It cracks me up!


  1. Wow, I'm impressed that she was able to stay in her infant carrier for so long. Pearson only lasted for 8 months. His carrier had a really low weight limit though. We moved him to a convertible carseat around 8 months but we still have in rear facing. I'm debating on when I'm going to turn it around. He is definitely starting to run out of leg room!! I'm ready for him to a nice view in the car too!!

    1. She did last a long time! I had bought the Chicco Keyfit 30 (which goes up to 30 lbs) because I knew I'd be so hesitant when the time came. It's so hard to know when to make all these changes!