Friday, August 24, 2012


So….we got a new puppy last Sunday! His name is Grits and he’s a Blue Merle miniature Australian Shepherd. He’s almost 7 weeks old now and is just a little fluff ball of love. His energy level is definitely picking up, but he seems to have a good personality. You know those weeks where it seems like EVERYTHING is just a disappointment, well, that’s been this week and Grits has been exactly the diversion that I needed!

First, let me say, I had no intention of getting a puppy until we moved out to Blake’s family’s land. I knew we’d have to stay with my parents while the “barndominium” is being built, so I didn’t want to impose with a puppy. But, my mom, somewhat out of the blue, told me a couple weeks ago that if we wanted to go ahead and get Stella a dog, that it would be fine for it to be at their house while we stayed there. Well, I wasted no time. I knew my friend Lauren was looking to get a puppy for her kids, so I jumped on that wagon with her and contacted the breeder she was getting her puppy from and there were still a couple pups left in the litter. There was only one male, blue merle and that was exactly what I was looking for. So, I put down the deposit and we picked him up last weekend!

We have two full grown Australian Shepherds, but they don’t seem to be interested in Stella at all. They’re actually terrified of her, so we don’t let them interact much because we don’t want their fear to turn into aggression towards her. But, with as much as she loves animals, we wanted to get her an inside dog that can be all hers to love on and play with.

I started crate training Grits from night 1 and now after 5 nights, he’s actually putting himself in his crate when he’s needing a break or getting sleepy! We’ve had a few accidents, but that’s totally expected when they’re this young.

He spends most of the day in the office {at home} with me, usually right under my desk or chair!

We love our new pup and I’m so glad Stella loves him, too!


  1. What a little cutie!! I LOVE all the sweet pictures of Stella with the dog!! Too cute!!

  2. That girl is a spoiled hunk of cuteness:) She look like you, Faith! =] AWE PUPPY!!!!! I read every post... Great blog, Have an amazing wkend!
    Anslea Morris
    [Your cuz}

    1. Hi Sweet Anslea!! I'm so happy to see you on Faith's blog!! Give my love to your family! Isn't that Stella the cutest thing you've ever seen?!?!!!!! Hopefully, you will get to see her at Christmas!! Love you!! Aunt Merry