Monday, December 9, 2013

Iced In and Cabin Fever

We're going on day 4 of being iced-in and although we have gotten out of the house twice, I'm definitely ready for schedules to resume as normal! I am one girl who loves my routine. Stella's preschool is closed tomorrow since the ISD it's located in is delayed until 10am. We've watched lots of Christmas movies, eaten some yummy comfort foods, and had very lazy days, which really has been nice.

I had my sonogram last week at 31 weeks and Blakely is looking perfect. She put on quite the show for my mom and me. She was opening and closing her mouth, stretching her arms and then pulling her hand to her face, kicking everywhere…which is not surprising since I cannot imagine her being any more active! I am feeling her all the time! She weighed 3 lb 15 oz! She was head down and her little booty was up against my right rib cage and her feet at my left. It was such a ray of light in my week to see her! From the blood work at my 29 week appointment (yes, I'm already in my bi-weekly appointments -eek!) I was anemic, but I fear taking iron…so I'm pretty much walking around pretty tired. The indigestion has gotten awful, but other than that and a few nights of insomnia, I'm feeling pretty great!

We had to cancel my baby "sprinkle" this past Sunday because of the ice and the roads would have just been too dangerous. We decided to reschedule until after Blakely gets here and do a Sip and See…so I'm really looking forward to that. My "sprinkle" was going to be Christmas themed and I was just so excited about it - but nature didn't ask me my plans :)!

Stella is just a hoot these days. My favorite things she's saying/doing - which both are only cute after she's been corrected and I can laugh by myself about them - are asking me to "put my hairs down" and when I'm getting onto her she'll tell me "I'm the lost princess." So, as for the hair, she absolutely cannot stand for my hair to be up in a pony tail. She wants my "hairs down" and will actually cry and nearly pitch a fit if it's not down. So….we're working on that, especially since hair is kind of low on my priority list right now and its just a heck of a lot easier to wear it up! The "lost princess" thing is a bit much, I'll admit, but it's taken my so long to figure out what she's been saying! You may remember her obsession with the Disney movie, Tangled (i.e. "Punzel" as she called it). At the end of the movie, after Rapunzel has found out that she's the lost princess and is standing up to the woman she believed to be her mother all these years, Rapunzel says in a defiant tone "I'm the lost princess, aren't I, Mother?" Well, apparently little sponge brain picked up on that and after I correct her or have to get onto her about something she tells me she's the "lost princess." So, now I'm having to correct that, too! But, I am secretly laughing about it! And, hold up, that makes me the queen mother, right?! :)

That's about all there is here - we're really enjoying this Christmas season and looking forward to a few fun outings that we have planned. I'm almost done with Stella's room - just a couple more things to put on her walls and I'm waiting for her bed rail to be delivered! So, she should be in there within a week or so! And just 8 more weeks until Blakely arrives…unless she decides to make an early appearance!