Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Little Kitty

So....we got a little kitty yesterday. My friend that I worked with had "saved" this kitty from a Walmart in Uptown and after bringing the kitty home found that it had some serious predatory instincts. And since he had two small dogs and guinea pigs, he asked if I could find a home for the cat. I had all the intentions in the world to take the kitty to our friend's barn or even keep it in our shop/barn, but after spending the last 24 hours with him, he is the SWEETEST cat ever! He lets Stella drag him around and force kisses on him, plus he's a cuddler. He seems like he's going to get along with the dogs, too, which is great! So, all that to say that our "barn kitty," might just turn into our indoor/outdoor kitty {with emphasis on the INDOOR part :)}. Stella is having a blast bossing this poor cat around. She walks around telling it "NO, MAM!" and pointing her finger. I can't imagine where she's heard that ;) Ahem, ahem! Note to self - be more selective in telling Miss Stella "no, mam"! But seriously, I do NOT point my finger like that, ha!

Also, I wanted to record a few things that Stella has done over the past three weeks that have just made me realize how quickly she's growing and how much her mind is really soaking up. I have nothing to compare her to as far as "learning" goes, so the fact that I'm impressed by these things may mean nothing to anyone but me! Three weeks ago, my mom and I were running by my sister's salon so that I could pick up a few hair products. My sister works at Firewheel Salons and as we were pulling into Firewheel by the Starbucks and Eddie's Napoli's I heard Stella yell out from the backseat,"Ray, Ray!" {which is what she calls my sister} and then yell out, "Ray,"! My mom and I quickly looked at each like "Did she just say that?" So, we were super impressed that she was able to recognize where we were and that she was correct in that this was where my sister worked!

Then, on Friday, Stella and I met Blake at Chiloso in Wylie for lunch. Stella and I had been to Chiloso about three weeks prior to meet one of my good friends, who Stella calls Missy. So, we pulled into our parking spot and as Blake was getting Stella out of her car seat she starts saying, "Missy, Missy." Blake looked at me to see why she would be calling out for Missy and it dawned on me...the last time we were at Chiloso was with Missy. Now, again, since she's my kid I know I'm going to be more surprised/impressed than any one else. But, she's not even two and her memory is crazy!

Tonight, after we got home from dinner with our family, Stella and I were playing on my bed with the new kitty and Stella looked over on my nightstand to all my books and was pointing out saying, "Mama books." I told her yes and pointed to my Bible and told her, "Mama's Bible." She looked at me and said, "Stella Bible?" and held her hands up like she was questioning and then said, "Where Stella Bible go?" So, I just told her to go find her Bible. Back up to about a month ago when I pulled out her small New Testament Bible for the first time that Aunt Ry Ry and Uncle Micah had given her when she was a baby. I keep it in the top bin in her cubed bookshelf and that was the first and last time that I had showed her her Bible. After I told her to go find her Bible {while I stayed in my room}, she apparently went and got the correct bin down from her bookshelf and dug through the books until she found her small, white New Testament Bible and brought it to me. I was floored. We really only had such a small conversation about her Bible that I just could not believe that she remembered! Needless to say, I'm happy her little brain is plugging away all this information! Now I just need to remember to be SUPER careful at what I allow in that little brain :)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March Madness

Hellooooo! I know I'm a sporadic blogger, but I've just accepted that it's my style :) I really can't begin to convey how busy the first half of 2013 has been. We really have had something every week and I don't really see any relief in sight until about June! But we're rolling with it and enjoying it!

Stella is becoming such a little GIRL! From protesting about shoes to wanting to see bows in her hair (except that she takes the bows out right after she's looked at herself in the mirror)...she seems to be all girl. I'm absolutely loving all her communication growth because it's making my life so much easier :) I'm not having to guess all the time at what she's wanting since her vocabulary is expanding daily! She really makes me laugh by referring to herself by name when she's doing things like, "Stella running" or "Stella sit in lap" or when she wants something, "Peas, Stella."(aka, please). Her empathy also just makes my heart happy. She's SO ultra aware of everybody's feelings and emotions and will point out if anybody is sad, then they're automatically crying (which when she says crying, it's pronounced without the "r"). She's so funny about wanting to see our friends and family and calling them out by name when she wants to see them (LaLa, Missy, Bone, PawPaw, NeNe...). So, I try my best to make sure she gets plenty of time with all the people she loves and that love her! Her favorite things to do right now are playing with her babies, coloring, and reading ALL her books over and over again. And, all horses are called "Sassy" now! So cute. She's still saying "no, no" to inanimate objects, especially if she hurts herself by falling or bumping into a door she'll point at the floor or the door and tell it, "NO! NO!" I try to stifle my laugh but most of the time I just bust out laughing because I think she's funny. She likes to tease and pretend to lay down on the floor and go "night night." Then, she'll pat the floor and want me to come lay down, too. Well, I could go on and on, but I like to record some of these things just because my memory is so bad and this way I'll have something to refer back to.

In other news, we've had one cow that has had her baby and boy is it CUTE! I didn't realize that the mama cows hid their babies to keep them safe and warm, so that's been neat to see what good mama's these cows are going to be. I can't wait til the day we see the whole herd with little babies beside each mama.

Playing with her Valentine's toys

I could do this every day

Trying to convince Stella that headbands are cool - but she just kept telling us we looked "preely" (pretty)!

This girl loves to read

That robe just does me in....and she loves to come her hair!

Stella has quite the extensive phone conversations

She loves all her babies

Stella likes to put her hands on my coffee mug and tell me "it's hot" and "mama's cocky" (coffee)

Monkey see, monkey do

He turned 30!!

She REALLY likes corn

Stella had quite the exciting trip to Bass Pro - we were WORN OUT

Her baby has to "ride"

She really likes puzzles too

Cutie patootie

We have a new found love of stickers

Man, she loved the bunnies - now she wants to look at my phone all the time to see the pictures of the bunnies

Skeet shooting

Little chickies

That mama cow was not too thrilled about Blake having to tag her baby