Friday, August 10, 2012

Boys and their toys...

Last Saturday, Blake bought a new pickup. His old Dodge {which was only a 2007} had gone through about 3 tranmission repairs in a matter of a month. Come to find out there are issues with that model year's transmission. So, because of the nature of Blake's work he can NOT be without a working vehicle to haul the tractors around, etc, and so began the search for a new truck.

After the couple week search, he settled on a Super Duty F-350 and that's about as much as I know about the truck ;). I do know that he'll be getting some more bells and whistles {like cab lights, running boards, tinted windows, diesel tank, etc} put on it in the next couple weeks, and I know he's super excited to have a functioning, reliable vehicle! And nothing makes me happier than knowing he's excited and happy!

{Papaw playing with Stella in the new truck}

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  1. Congrats on the new truck!!! Stella is getting so big!! So cute!!!