Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy {Belated} Birthday to my sis!

I’m a few days late posting this, but we celebrated my sister’s birthday last Thursday, April 26th! She turned 25!

We had a family dinner at Outback and I had so much fun catching up with my sister, Rachel, and her husband, Paul! Although they just live in Dallas, we don’t get to hang out near as much as I’d like! I find myself trying to go get my eyebrows waxed or a little hair trim just to hang out with that busy girl {since she does hair at Firewheel Salons}!

Rachel – I love you so much and I’m so very thankful for you and your friendship. You have such a sweet spirit and I really think you’re pretty awesome! It’s fun to think back to silly arguments when we were younger about toys…then clothes…then to grow up and have a special sister friendship and now you being an aunt to little Stella. I can’t wait for you to give me nieces and nephews too {but, please, no hurry!}. La la lu!

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