Monday, May 21, 2012

Byron Nelson

This past Thursday, Blake and I went to the HP Byron Nelson Classic golf tournament. The tickets we had could be used for any day, Monday-Sunday, but we decided that Thursday would be best for us since it wouldn’t be too crowded and we could get up close to watch the players.

Golf has always been the one sport that was consistently followed in our house growing up. I learned that watching golf was real nice for lulling me into a nap. Once I married Blake, he’s been working on and off on his golf game and getting better and better. The man has talent! I like to play golf, but I’m not particularly good. Blake's convinced he can make me better - I might have to take him up on it!

We left the house early Thursday morning and took Stella to “school” so that Blake and I could spend the day together.

{My golf attire}

Once we got to the course, one of the first teams we watched was Phil Mickelson, Adam Scott, and Ernie Els – this was the one team that I really was interested in seeing so it was nice that they were coming up to the 18th hole right when we got there. We followed them on the 18th hole and then went to sit near the 17th green to watch a few more teams.

{He brings out the goofy in me}

By 10:45am, this momma was HUNGRY! So, we ate an early lunch and then walked to the driving range.

There was a strict no camera rule, so I was lucky to sneak these two pictures while we watched the players warm up on the driving range. I saw so many people getting “in trouble” for trying to take pictures of the players, etc, so being the boring rule follower that I am, I didn’t take any pics on the course. L

{Watching the players warm up}

{Jason Day}

Now, let me get on my soap box for just a second. I can’t understand why I saw so many girls in stilettos and wedges – um, hello, you’re on a golf course not a runway. Granted, I wanted to look cute, but not at the sacrifice of my comfort. Plus, Blake told me I better wear comfortable shoes because we would be walking a lot and he didn’t want to hear it if my feet hurt, ha. My little Charlotte Russe flip flops weren’t much for support, but they did match my t-shirt AND they were much better than HEELS!

The homes on the course were gorgeous {I wish I would have thought to snap some pictures of them, but I was seriously too afraid to even pull my phone out in fear of it getting confiscated}. We walked to the back of the course and by 2pm, I was ready to leave J. I had seen and had all the golf fun I wanted for the day.

Blake, on the other hand, was ready to leave because he wanted to go to the driving range and hit balls himself. All this watching other golfers had made him itch to do his own golfing.

We had such a great day and I was so excited to get to spend some “alone” time with Blake! We definitely try and have “date nights” and make spending time together a priority, but it really is tough with schedules and other plans that get in the way.

Thursday night we had a Ladies Bunco Night at our church. It was my first time to play and I am HOOKED! It was such a thoughtless and zero-strategy game, which made it all the more appealing to me. I like it so much that I’m thinking of hosting one this summer as just a fun girls’ night! Here’s a pic of me and my mom that night!



  1. I've always wanted to play Bunco. I've heard it alot of fun and just a good excuse to get girls together to chat!!

    1. You will for sure be on the invite list!! It really is such a blast!

  2. Faith, you should take up the game. It will make Blake feel even better about his game :-)

  3. Start a Bunco group! Meet like once a month or every other month and have themed nights! They are the most fun :)

    1. Oh a themed night would be really fun!! Now I need to find a way to get you to Texas!!