Monday, May 7, 2012

Yay for May!

Here’s a little catch-up on our lives over the last week!

Last Monday, after I got home from work and we had dinner, we decided to go out and see the horses and the steers. Also, I wanted to see the last few loads of sand that had been delivered to the arena! This sand is beach-white! We’re so close to being done and about ready to start roping and riding!

On our way home, we stopped by the baseball fields to watch our pastor’s son play baseball. For only being 11, he really has great talent and awareness for the game. I LOVE baseball and always seize any excuse to go watch a game!

Every couple weeks or so my mom will keep Stella at my house during the week while I work from home. This way, I can take my conference calls and keep up with emails, but also get to see my baby! That morning, we were all sitting on the floor in the office playing around and my mom yelled, “Scorpion!” We scooped Stella up and smashed the thing to death. This is actually the third one that I’ve seen in the last few months, but definitely the biggest…and the closest to Stella!

Also, as I’ve mentioned before, Stella has always been very non-stop. Whether she was army-crawling/scooting around or now her new found lightning-speed crawling…she is everywhere! She’s never so much as glanced at the TV until recently. But, even at that, she maybe looks for 10-15 seconds and is onto the next thing. So, she actually went 5 minutes watching a show on the Baby channel and I was pretty excited! Don’t get me wrong, I do not want my child glued to the TV by any means, however, there are times where it would be nice to keep her occupied for a little while.

Thursday evening I had a girls night with a couple of my favorites – Lauren and Lauren! We met up at LaRue for the kick-off of the Ali Dee collection! We shopped a little and then talked to Ali Dee, who is seriously the sweetest person. So very down to earth! Not that I expected anything different, but it’s just nice that she was just as sweet as I thought she seemed on TV! Then, we went next door and ate some Mexican food and I was home before Stella went to sleep!

Friday evening I went and got a much needed hair trim from my sis! I can never style it quite as good as she does…I’m considering driving to her place every morning just so she can help me! I’m hair-styling impaired!

We went and had dinner with our good friends, Lauren and Cody, at Whiskey Cake on Saturday night! We hadn’t been able to get together in the last month, so it was really awesome catching up and having some good laughs with them! Blake and Cody grew up together and were pretty much as close as you can get without being blood! Lauren and I became instant friends when Blake and I went with them on a weekend trip to a ranch rodeo in Wichita Falls – it’s hard to believe that was nearly 5 years ago! Now, any excuse we can get to go hang out we take it! We’re actually taking a trip to Wyoming together in July to go to the “Daddy of ‘em All” {speaking in rodeo terms} – the Cheyenne Frontier Days! I can’t wait!!

{please note - Blake shaved his mustache when we got home that night...but since I had made such a big deal about hating it, of course he had to go a few days pretending like this was his new look!}
SUNDAY – what an awesome day! Blake’s testimony was shared in our three Sunday services at our church, Northplace in Sachse. Blake nor I had seen the finished product of the video, so watching on Sunday was so moving. I’m so thankful for God’s faithfulness and His plan. And I’m so thankful and proud of my husband. I pray that Blake’s testimony encouraged people. As soon as I’m able to get a copy of it, I will post it! My parents (who attend Northplace), my sister, Rachel and her husband, Paul, as well as Blake’s dad, Greg and his wife, Lori, all came to church with us and we went and had lunch together afterwards. We ended last night back at church to complete our last small group class for this “semester” and had a reception for our pastor who graduated this past weekend with his earned doctoral degree in ministry.

{Clearly she's seen someone on the phone before}

Here are a few more pics from the weekend!

{Playing with G-Mommy}

{Sharing her microphone}
{Eating Puffs}

{My future professional harmonica player}

{She could not stop giggling at this Elmo app - it was precious}

{Giving my sweet baby kisses}

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  1. Could you be having any more fun!! Stella is adorable and I hope that life continues to bless you with only good things!!
    Love you,
    Aunt Margie