Saturday, May 26, 2012

Harvest Time

This is the time of year where we harvest the wheat Blake has planted this last season. Last year, they started harvesting the day before Stella was born {not great timing!}. So, the day after we brought Stella home from the hospital Blake had to be back out in the fields.

{Driving out to the farm}

This year it seemed harvest time came a little earlier. I’m sure Blake feels the same way, but I’m always kind of holding my breath during this time of year hoping that the wheat makes enough bushels and that there’s a good profit.

Blake has fields that he plants all over the Dallas area, mostly in Richardson and Plano. He has a few other fields in Frisco, Garland, and Grapevine, but then he planted the family farm in wheat this year, also.

So, this morning we went out and watched them harvesting some of the wheat at the farm. You just gotta love those amber waves of grain!

{Apparently, this was old hat for Blake so he was kind enough to let me get out and snap some pics!}

Here’s the big combine!

While we were out there we went and checked on the steers and horses. The steers are just about big enough to rope! And I’m ready! The steers come right up to us now {but just close enough for their comfort} and all the horses follow right behind.

Stella loves being outside and seems to really be fascinated with animals. 

Amos has also finally started to warm up to us. He was so friendly the first couple days out here, but the last couple months he’s not been too friendly. So, I’ve been pretty excited that he’s showing some interest in me again!

And, of course, I can’t forget about this guy – my first love! It's amazing how different he looks in the summer versus the winter. He looks like a different horse {well, kind of}!

{January 2012 - he's my little raccoon}

Mamaw and Papaw {Blake's grandparents} were out there and Stella got some good lovin' from them!

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  1. Life Is good and God has richly blessed. Lovin You and Texas. Nice blog!! Dad