Friday was the day we had Stella’s tubes put in! She did awesome and there was about zero recovery time.

 A nurse at the hospital had called on Thursday to get some medical history for Stella and said, “And you know she can’t have anything to eat after midnight, right?” To which my response was, “Um, no.” Needless to say, I was a bit panicked because I know how much my baby likes that first bottle of the day. We dropped the bedtime bottle about a month ago so she’s used to having dinner and then going to bed an hour or so later. But, first thing in the morning she WANTS that bottle.

I got her up at about 5:15am, since we had to be at the hospital by 6am and the procedure was at 7am. I quickly changed her diaper and put her right into her car seat and she was just as happy as can be.

{early in the morning - leaving the house}

We got to the hospital and I registered her and we were back in day surgery by about 6:10am.  During the registration process she started to get fussy and hungry. We were able to distract her for a good little while with all the nurses coming by and oo-ing and ahhh-ing. I kid you not, if it wasn’t for the fact that we were at a hospital, I’d go back to that place more often with all the flattering we were getting!

{my good little patient}

{sweet girl trying to rest on her daddy}

Well, 7am came and WENT. By 8am, when the doctor still was not even at the hospital yet, I asked if we should reschedule. The nurse called and the doctor was about 10 minutes away. Let me just tell you – I was TICKED! I mean, we were the first procedure of the day, so it’s not like he got tied up with another patient. And you’re not making an adult wait – you’re making a little, hungry baby wait. And we ended up waiting for a good two hours. After the post-op visit in a couple weeks, I’ll be switching ENT’s.

{hungry girl}

They finally took her back for the procedure at about 8:20am and we went to the waiting room with my mom and Blake’s dad. And before we knew it the doctor was coming in and we were done by 8:35! We were waiting in the recovery room for her when they brought her back and I had her bottle ready! All the nurses were so impressed. They said usually babies are screaming and crying and Stella barely whimpered, even after her bottle.


We left the hospital by 9:15 and went home and she literally played and played {before even taking a cat nap}. She finally passed out about 11:30 and took a couple hour nap. We went and ran errands and had a great weekend!

I’m so thankful she did so well and I’m confident this will take care of her ears!