Sunday, April 8, 2012

Stella's First "Ride"

Last week we put Stella on a horse for the first time. There’s really no good excuse why we have four horses and she’s JUST now getting to sit on one. Stella loves animals – dogs, cats, horses, anything. She smiles and giggles at them. I am vowing to get a puppy soon {not that we need a third dog or anything}. But, she must get it from her mama, because I’ve always been an animal person, too.

First we made introductions...

She wasn't too sure about being on this big animal...

Then, she started to warm up to him...

Ride 'em Cowgirl!

We went to check on the steers, who, I’m happy to report, are all doing well. They’ve settled in so nicely and really have taken to their new home. My dad met us out there, since 10 of them are his, and walked around the pasture with us. Stella babbled the whole time - she absolutely loves being outside!

G-Daddy and Stella

Then, I got to give my horse some loving! Cadillac is truly the sweetest horse you'll ever meet. He's always the one that comes up to the gate to greet you and he will literally following you around like a puppy dog!

{Cadillac following Blake around}

{Me getting in my lovin'}

{Sweet boy}

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  1. So cute! I think she needs a mini pony instead of a dog.