Sunday, April 15, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Well…we’ve put our house on the market as of this week. I have mixed emotions about this, but my excited/happy emotions are at about 90% and the remaining emotions are just because this truly is the perfect house.

I wanted to take these pictures to remember our house by. Not that I’ll completely forget, but my memory will fade and I want to look back on these. I wish I would have taken them before I had already taken down a lot of décor for “staging” purposes.

I’ll give more details later on what our full plans are, but for now, we’re looking to move to Blake’s family’s land, which is only a few miles from where we’re currently at. Although, in reality, we could build our dream home now, but we both want something to look forward to in our future and we feel like if we build that dream home now then what are we going to do at age 40? So, we’re going to downsize from a little over 2500 square feet to about 1800 square feet. We’re playing around with floor plans, but we’ll have to have them drawn up since we are going to be finishing out that 1800 square feet inside of a metal building, which from here on out will be known as the “barndominium.”

Ok – back to our current living situation. Blake and I bought this house about a week before our first anniversary {we’ll celebrate our fourth this May}. We had been living in one of his Papaw’s rent houses while we saved up for a down payment. This house was more than I could have hoped to buy. It's 6 acres, 2500 square feet, perfect floor plan, detached shop. Did I mention it was perfect? Except that it was a foreclosure and it was a wreck on the inside. So, prior to moving in, all the carpet had to be torn out and we had to treat the slab {someone had left their pets inside the house locked up with nowhere to use the bathroom}. We had to replace the stove, which had been taken, plus we had to paint three bedrooms {which were burgundy and midnight blue – floor AND ceiling}.

{kitchen - before}

{kitchen - after}

Over the three years that we have lived here we had the landscaping replaced, new carpet, new hardwood floors, all new appliances in the kitchen, new front door – and a lot of TLC! Plus, this will always be the house that we brought home our first born.

Just a few months ago, before we decided to move, I had the bright idea that I wanted to have this fun and funky-decorated dining room. So, poor Blake painted my dining purple {and the picture can’t do it justice because of the amount of trim in this dining room – it took over 3 rolls of tape} and my dining table black! Then, I bought zebra chairs from Kirklands and was having so much fun with my funky room – until we decided to move. I about panicked when I thought of some new potential buyer looking at this purple room. But, what do you do?

We’re just praying, if it’s God’s will, that the house will sell and we’ll get to move out to the land and try to live a little bit simpler. I have dreams of having a garden {with my non-green thumb}, fresh eggs {which means I gotta take care of chickens}, and my horsies in my backyard. We’ll have the roping arena within 50 yards of the barndominium and that means fun nights watching Blake rope and me getting to ride more often! Plus, it means Stella {and the future kid(s)} getting to grow up with room to roam and play outside. I will be living my dream! I am so very excited for the future.


  1. I love your funky room! Very nice! Good luck with the sale. You did a great job fixing it up I am sure you will have no problem.

  2. It IS the perfect house, but the next one will be just as perfect because you'll MAKE it perfect. :) Praying for everything to fall into place for y'all.