Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful Easter weekend, despite Stella being sick. I worked from home on Friday since the daycare was closed for Good Friday. Luckily, Stella was a very sleepy girl on Friday and she took some lengthy naps throughout of the day. There were other times where she played in her play pin {or peeked over her play pin at me}.

Friday evening my parents came over. They had to have their dog, Sally, put to sleep after she had a stroke. We had Sally since I was in seventh grade and picked her out at the animal shelter. So it was very sad, but she had a good, long life {she actually had two years longer than we thought since I "lost" her while dog sitting for my parents when they were in Georgia over Christmas in 2009 - miraculously two weeks later she was found}! I was already cooking a pot roast in the crock pot on Friday and planning to make Pioneer Woman’s smashed potatoes, so it was no problem to have my parents join in for dinner that night, as well.

Then, Saturday, Stella and I picked up my mom and went to see the Easter Bunny! I’m not gonna lie, that guy is a little creepy looking. Stella did really well {i.e. she didn’t burst into tears when she saw him}. We never could get a real smile out of her, but we got the best shot we could! Plus, there was a small farmer’s market at Firewheel where I was able to pick up some onions, corn, and green beans!

Stella went and napped over at G-Mommy’s while I got a pedicure {I picked a purple polish to match the pastel purple and green outfits we were coordinating for Easter} and made a Target run {the Easter Bunny was not going to visit unless I made a quick shopping trip!}. As soon as I got back to my parents house I could tell my little sweetie wasn’t feeling real good. My mom thought she felt hot, plus she had a runny nose and her eye was swollen. Sure enough she had a 102.2 temperature when we got home, so I just tried to make her comfy and love on her {which isn’t hard for me, but she is the opposite of cuddly}. My sister in law and brother in law came over for dinner that night and we just hung out and had some good “catch up” time. I kept hoping and praying that Stella would feel better on Sunday morning since it was her first Easter.

As soon as Stella woke up on Sunday I knew she was still running a fever. It was a little over 100, but high enough where I didn’t want to expose any other kids to her at the nursery. So, we cancelled our breakfast plans with my parents, sister, and brother in law. Stella and I watched the church service on-line and Blake went to the early service. Stella also played for a little while with the presents she got for Easter. I won't go into detail on how disappointed I was to have to miss church, especially on Easter, and especially on Stella's first Easter.

I was 99% sure that she had another ear infection (this will be her 7th  - but the ENT couldn’t get us in for 6 weeks so we we were having to wait until April 26th). Her fever got better and she was acting  happier, so we decided to go over to Blake’s grandparents for lunch and an Easter egg hunt. Since they only live a few miles away I knew I could take Stella back home quickly if she started to get fussy again. We had a wonderful lunch and it was so nice spending time with family. Even though we live so close, I never feel like we get enough time together.

We spent the rest of the afternoon being lazy and watching the Master’s {yay, Bubba!}. The only time my baby girl has EVER laid her head on me was her last ear infection when she ran a fever. She is the most independent little thing and although she does want me constantly close to her, she’s not one for cuddles or even sitting still. So, when she laid her head on me yesterday, I KNEW she wasn’t feeling herself. Like I mentioned earlier, I am so very ready to get these tubes in her ears because I know she’s so uncomfortable with all this ear pain and I feel so helpless. The last ear infection we had to go to the doctor 3 days in a row for antibiotic shots since the oral antibiotics were no longer strong enough.

All in all, we had a fantastic Easter weekend remembering that the true reason for celebrating is that Jesus Christ died for us and He is risen!

Stella Update - we went to the doctor today and it is another ear infection. She's on some very nasty tasting antibiotics {according to the doctor AND pharmacist - I'm going to take their word for it} that she has to take 3 times a day. He said he did not want us to wait to get into the ENT so he referred us to an ENT that can get us in for an appointment this week. So, I'm praying that by the time this infection clears we can have the tubes put in right away.


  1. Poor Stella! Please keep us posted on what the ENT says! Love all of the pictures though - and she is just precious. Sad to hear about Sally. Love you Faithie!

  2. Poor little Stella. She is absolutely precious! My son had tubes put in his years (when he was in grade school) and it definitely helped! Good luck!

  3. 7 ear infections.....poor baby. I'm glad you are getting into another ENT quick. Hope everything goes well with that. My Mom showed me your invite for Stella birthday. I bet my Mom comes up with something so cute for her party. I just got started planning Pearson's and I can't wait for my Mom too whip up something cute for him too!!