Friday, April 6, 2012

Cousins Play Day

Last Saturday Stella and I went over to play with Carson and Allie. Carson and Allie are second cousins to Stella. Blake’s cousin, Heather, and I have been wanting to get the kids together for such a long time, but it seems like every time we would make plans one of the kids would be sick or not feeling well. So, we finally got to hang out!

Carson and Allie have a ball pit that Stella just loved! Stella truly loves her cousins! She is such a social butterfly and I love that she loves playing with other kids!

Carson and Allie also had a sand box – it was so cute seeing Stella put her feet in the sand for the first time! I’m getting such good ideas on some toys for my little girl!

And they had this fun swing on their porch!

I’m so thankful to have Heather, Carson, and Allie to spend time with and we look forward to many more play days ahead!


  1. I love your blog Faith! Your little one is precious and your family is just beautiful!


    1. Thanks Katie! I just found your blog a couple months ago and I'm absolutely loving following y'all and your pregnancy! I'm so excited for you both! Please let me know when you're back in town some time - I'd love to get together and catch up!