Thursday, April 12, 2012


Well first – not a one of these pictures has anything to do with the ENT, but since I took the pictures this week and we went to the ENT this week – it made sense in my head that they should go together.

We are officially scheduled for tubes on Friday, April 27th and this is one happy momma! Including this week’s diagnosed ear infection, we’re on #8 {and I’m just praying we don’t have any more between now and then}.

There wasn’t much to the appointment, except waiting in the waiting room for an hour and fifteen minutes before we were called back. That means I sat with a 10-month old in my lap for over an hour trying to entertain her. At that point, anything in my purse was free game if it would keep her occupied. Apparently, my wallet did the trick and she was mesmerized with that thing. We ate puffs, played with a doll, waved and growled {don’t worry – it’s a very happy growl} to a couple other kids that came into the waiting. I am always ultra-paranoid about having my baby be “one of those kids” that screams and yells and pitches fits in public. But, all in all, I was very proud of how my little patient acted.

Once we saw the doctor, all he said was that based on the number of infections that she has had, he definitely felt like she would benefit from tubes. He explained a few things and then the nurse came in with the calendar. And that was that.

I’ve heard so many encouraging stories from other mom’s whose babies had tubes in their ears, so I’m not worried a bit about this. I’m just so excited for my little girl to be out of pain!


  1. Oh how I love that face!!!!!! And looking forward to no more ear infections!!!

  2. Yay!! So glad Miss Priss can kiss those ear infections goodbye! Little sweetheart...