Thursday, October 18, 2012

Why is she getting SO big?

I really feel like I have just blinked and Stella is almost 17 months. She is growing like a WEED and understands so much more than I probably even realize. She gets SO excited to see me and has become even sweeter, if that was even possibly, giving us more hugs and kisses and snuggles. She really makes me laugh too. I love when she realizes I think something is funny and then just keeps doing it so that I'll laugh even more - gosh, I just love her to pieces!

{During my girls weekend - my parents kept Stella one night and got a few shots of the lil cutie. And yes, she does do open mouth kisses with strange dogs!}

{Watching something on TV, which clearly she wasn't enjoying}

{This is what I mean by BIG - she looks like a little girl here!}

{LOVE when she reaches for me}

{Representing the Georgia Bulldogs :)}

{Passed out on the way home from Mamaw's}


  1. Just can't believe how big she is getting!!! Love that PRECIOUS girl!!!!!!!

  2. She def looks more toddler like than baby like! love!

  3. She really is getting big! How is it possible that she is getting even cuter? Have a good weekend!

  4. Her little face is just SO expressive! I love her oh, so much!

  5. Pearson is understanding so much these days too. It really is crazy how much they are soaking up even when we don't realize it.