Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Junk O Rama Prom

A couple weeks ago, me and some of my girlfriends took a trip down to Round Top, TX for Texas Antiques Week.

One of the MANY vendors there were the Junk Gypsies. They have a show on HGTV and also did the wedding for Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert {country singers for those who may not know}. I’ve occasionally bought shirts off their website and absolutely loved their show. So, Texas Antiques Week happens twice a year and the Junk Gypsies put on a “prom” called Junk O Rama Prom one of the nights during Antiques Week. It’s basically an excuse to wear old, vintage prom dresses (or any dresses for that matter – people dress up in elaborate costumes or just plain ol’ jeans) and have a good time. There was a live band and shopping – what more could a girl want?

I was able to find an old 80's prom dress at a costume shop. It was really long so I took it and it altered so that I could wear boots with it. I was pretty happy with the way it all turned out!

We had no idea what to expect and there were acres upon acres of vendors selling antiques and everything else you could imagine. We only spent one full day shopping and we barely scratched the surface {for those of you Dallas people, think Canton on some major steroids}. We opted not to bring a trailer, which probably was a good thing, but I think when we go back we’ll end up taking a trailer because there were just too many good deals not to pass up!

{this was a cookie and muffin bakery out of an air stream - so yummy!}

My “steal” of the trip was this $5 blanket/quilt stand. With a little paint it looks like brand new and goes perfect in my living room!

I was also able to find a quilt for a really good price - one of the items I was hoping to find! I have a love of quilts....not real sure why, but I do!

I had such an awesome time with these girls and loved getting away for a couple nights to enjoy some antiques!


  1. What a fun girls trip. I love your quilt rack that you got. What a steal!!