Monday, October 29, 2012

Heart for the House

I’m so excited and still in a state of awe over what God is doing in our church. We’ve been in the season of a capital campaign, called Heart for the House, to build our new building off of 190 and Miles road in Sachse, TX. We kicked off our 3 year commitments yesterday at the Eisemann Center in Richardson, TX in a service we called Celebration Sunday. We did this so that all our services could be combined {we have three Sunday English services, 1 Spanish service, and then a Spanish service at our Garland campus}. It was absolutely amazing to worship with all the services combined – close to around 1500 people.

We brought our “first fruits” offering yesterday to kick off the three-year commitment pledges. Yesterday, Celebration Sunday, was the day that we found out how much was pledged for the next three years. The other exciting part was that there was a group of businessmen {that are in no way connected to the church} that had gifted our church with $500,000 as a matching gift. So, once the church had raised its own $500K, then the funds from the other $500K would be released, therefore doubling the amount. So, every dollar we were giving was actually worth $2, until that gift was matched. We’ve all been praying for months for a miracle to happen yesterday where we would be able to meet that match in one day. There’s been no precedence for that kind of offering at our church – nor was that the intention of the businessmen who gifted that money. The money would be there no matter if it took one day to match it or a year plus to match it.

The hope for the three-year pledges was around $4.2 million to build the building and pay off the land in order to be debt-free. They announced yesterday that the pledges which came in was $5.9 MILLION!!!

Then, the announcement was made for the first-fruits offering that was given yesterday….over $600,000!!!

Let me just tell you – I’ve been attending this church since I was 4 years old and I have never been so ecstatic over an offering! Again, there has never been an offering that has ever come close to that amount in the 91-year history of our church. It was exceedingly and abundantly more than I could have hoped for! Praying circles around this miracle has been such a faith-inspiring journey that I pray will continue for years to come as long as we keep the focus on reaching the lost.

God is SO good!!

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