Monday, October 1, 2012

Snack Time

Last Sunday after the Prayer Walk at the new church property, we had a relaxing afternoon and I caught some cute moments of Stella sharing her snack with Grits {or maybe Grits was  just "stealing" a few pieces...he definitely knew an opportunity when he saw one!}

{I cannot help laughing every time I see this - what is she doing?!}

Later that evening, my sister, her husband, and my parents came over to watch Stella while Blake and I went to our small group meeting. Rachel and Paul were headed to Germany this past week to visit Paul's parents {sweetest people ever!} who are stationed there. This will be their 3rd or 4th time to Europe and I'm slightly jealous - I really want to see Europe so bad!! But, I caught a precious moment of Stella sitting in Aunt Ray Ray's lap!

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  1. Love this! Man, she's going to be READING those books before we know it! Make time slow down! :)