Friday, October 26, 2012

School Pictures - 15 Months

Stella attends daycare (or what I refer to as "school") now while I continue working until the end of December. I'm hoping to still have her go at least one or two days a week for socialization reasons (and for just some good ol' ME time).

School pics are always iffy on whether they'll turn out good or not - but I am in love with these pics! They are just too cute


  1. This reminds me......I should post Pearson's school pictures. These turned out a whole lot cuter than Pearson's!! You should put Stella in Mother's Day out. I love sending Pearson one day a week. I'm not sure the cost of Daycare, but MDO at FBC is $85 a month so it comes out to roughly $21 a day, which would be like paying a babysitter $4.25 an hour since it's 5 hours. (9-2) You really can't beat that. Well unless your daycare is cheaper! But like I said, I have no idea how expensive that is!! I'm so excited for you to stay at home next year!!!

  2. these pictures are precious! ...I just read the comment above and AM is in a mothers morning out once a week too. I know we live in the boon docks, but it is WAY cheaper here but only goes from 9-12. We paid $288 for the entire year! I definitely like the mornings that she is there though as it makes the grocery trip run a wee bit easier and last week I even splurged for a mani/pedi during the time! ha! def. find a way for some faithie time! love you!

  3. Love, love, love. Watching Stella grow up has been (and will continue to be) such a joy! Love that little princess!