Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's Fall!

Well, it's kind of Fall. The weather around here keeps tricking us. It’ll be nice and cool for a couple days and then BAM! Back to 90 degree weather! But, that didn’t stop us from seizing a photo op when Stella crawled up to the scarecrows in my parents back yard. She had some pretty cute faces going on!

{We looked over and this little girl was climbing up to take a better look at the scarecrows}

{the scarecrows clearly made her very happy}

{sweet little happy face}

{seriously? so cute! scarecrows need love, too}

{this is her thing - she just plays and plays in the gravel rocks in my parent's backyard}

{I've got to invest in some rocks}


  1. That little grin! It kills me...

  2. omg! she seriously LOVES the scarecrow! ha! no need to buy Stella toys! Just give her a scarecrow and some rocks and yall are good to go! :D

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