Monday, June 25, 2012

Uh Oh the Summer Nights!

We had a fabulous weekend followed up by a disappointing Monday morning {but more on that another time}. Let’s focus on the positive!

We had a relaxing Friday night at home and our friends Jill, who’s pregnant with her first bundle of joy (yay!), and her husband Heath, came over and visited. Blake and Heath had played in a golf tournament earlier that day so they discussed their game while Jill and I had girl talk time!

Saturday was a lazy day around the house.

{Stella LOVES dogs, so she got some good lovin' time with our Australian Shepherd, Rambo}

{Daddy was getting some SWEET kisses from this girl}

Then our friends Richie and Katy, and their little boy, Jayden who is 3 months older than Stella, came up from Austin to stay the night with us. I was so excited to get Stella and Jayden together to play and boy were they cute! I just love watching Stella interact with other kids. And Jayden was such a little sweetheart! Richie and Blake went to high school together and have remained in touch over the years. Although Richie and Katy have moved around for his job we try not to miss an opportunity to get together if they’re in town. Katy and I became quick friends when we first began hanging out!

{Katy, Jayden, Stella, and I before heading to The Harbor}

{Cutie pies in their car seats}

That evening, we went to The Harbor in Rockwall and met Lauren and Cody {and their two adorable kids, Avery and Cutter} and Matt and Ally {who’s also preggers – YAY!} and we had dinner and played around the fountains. Well, the kids played – we just herded them around. The Harbor is a great place in Rockwall that is right on the lake with lots of restaurants and shops. People will dock their boats and come up and eat and hang out. Although the wait to get seated at the restaurant was a bit longer than we wanted {especially with kiddos who were quite hungry}, we still had an awesome time with awesome friends.

{I'd like to say we have them trained well....except for my baby is being cradled like a football...}

{Blake gave me a hard time and said I dressed Stella like Huck Finn - well she's a darn cute Huck Finn!}

{Ally, Katy, Lauren, and me}

{Stella, Cutter, and Avery - LOVE these kids!}

{My little family}

{Stella and Ally - Stella kept reaching out wanting Ally to hold was too cute}

{sorry this is so dark - Lauren and Stella!}

{These were the fountains and when they went off you would have thought we had taken Stella to Disney World - she was so excited}

On Sunday, while Blake {again} played golf with my dad, my mom took Stella and I to their neighborhood pool for a quick dip. I say quick because Stella lost interest REAL fast and didn’t seem to be too in love with the water. But, I bet by next summer she’ll be enjoying herself a little more.

{Bahama Mama}

{Pretty much wanted OUT of the pool}

{She was way more interested in climbing on those tricky pool lounge chairs}

{Success! Kind of...}

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  1. What a fun weekend!! You are ALWAYS dressed so cute. I want you to come shop for me a whole new wardrobe!! And sorry today was a no good very bad start to your day. Hopefully things are looking up!!