Saturday, June 9, 2012

My So Called Life

This week was quite low key...which is really the way I prefer it sometimes! Here are just a few pics from our week!
{Girls' Night at Los Cucos}
{Learning to climb in her rocking chair}

{Her favorite direction to face}
{Pretty proud of herself}
{Leaning forward as far as she can without falling out!}

{Riding on PawPaw's shoulders at the farm}

{"Riding" Cadillac}

{Beautiful view}

{Can't get enough love from this boy - please notice my least favorite horse, Howard, in the background cribbing - *sigh*}

{One of my favorite pics! I love that she climbed in here all by herself and then quickly realized this was NOT what she had in mind! Help!!}

{This little colt was born in April and is a FULL brother to our Cadillac - so, I'm having an innner struggle on whether or not to get this little guy can never have too many horses. At least that's been my motto for a few years now.}

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  1. Great pictures! That colt is too cute to pass up.