Thursday, June 7, 2012

Memorial Day {quite belated}

Well, I am a little behind in posting this, but I wanted to share some pics of my little cutie on Memorial day!

My parents so graciously kept Stella last Sunday night so that I could sleep in on Monday – it was AHHH-mazing. Our little love bug usually wakes up in the 6am hour – which, believe me, I’m not complaining because it could be a lot worse. And she usually needs to be up in that hour on weekdays. I just wish she understood the “weekend” concept of sleeping in! I am a huge proponent of getting enough sleep and sadly, I did not fully realize how much my z’s would suffer after having a kiddo! I honestly, no lie, function best between 8-9 hours of sleep. My body genuinely NEEDS it – and it is hereditary {I could go on and on about my dad’s family and their sleep habits}. However, I digress!

I was able to sleep in, read my book for a little bit, make some broccoli salad, and then head over to my parents to spend the day there. My dad and Blake were playing golf that morning, so Stella and I hung out and played. My mom had bought a splash pool for Stella so we played in there a couple times that day and had a late lunch cook-out with my parents, and sister and Paul.

{clearly she had enough pool time}

The little pool turned out to be perfect! It was plenty big enough for Stella and I to both sit in. We could have fit one more person, but it would have been a tad tight. My parents neighborhood does have a pool, but we just didn’t make it there that day. I can’t wait to put Stella in swim lessons! If I can find a person who gives private or small group lessons then we may try it out this summer – if not, then it’s a MUST next summer. I want to her to be completely comfortable and familiar with water.

{deep stare}

{clapping for momma}

{her new chair}

{I'm pretty in love with all the pointing she does}

{she hasn't quite learned the correct way to sit in a chair}

{Dad and Blake chilling on the patio}

{taste-testing her shoes}

{happy girl}

{LOVE this pic - she was watching Blake swing the golf club}

{yay for water!}

{pointing again :)}


  1. She is so cute!! I love her little ruffle swimsuit!!

    A lady (that I used to teach with) in my neighborhood teaches swim lessons. I am not doing swim lessons this summer. I used to teach swim lessons and all they did with the babies was sing songs splash water in the faces and dunk them. They didn't really learn to swim or even learn any survival skills. From what I have heard from other Moms, next summer would be best for our babies to start swim lessons. I am just doing all those fun things with Pearson at the pool this summer and he is totally used to the water. Next summer he can start learning to swim and learning survival skills. I am probably going to put him in Emler Swim School in Plano or Paige's swim school in Plano. I have heard great things about both!! Let me know if you want the lady in my neighborhood's phone number. I can definitely get it for you if you decide to do swim lessons this summer!!

    Also, I'm not sure if you are still working full time during the week, but if you and Stella ever what to come to the pool with us let me know!! We'd love to have a pool playdate!!

  2. That swimsuit just about did me in. SO cute!

  3. I know I say it all the time but she is such a doll! I love the pointing. I wonder what goes through their minds when they are doing that.