Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day '12

Happy 2nd Father's Day to the best daddy! Stella was born right in between Mother's Day and Father's Day last year, so Blake got to enjoy his first father's day when Stella was about 2 weeks old!

{Father's Day 2011}

{not sure why this is turned sideways, but I'm being lazy and not wanting to take the time to figure out how to "turn" it vertical. Father's day last year}

This Father's day Blake most wanted to watch the US Open, so we spent a little time at his dad's house and then came back home to watch a little more golf! I ordered a little shirt off Etsy for Stella to wear on Father's day that said "Daddy's Little Caddy." It was perfect!

I also have to thank the man responsible for providing and taking care of me for my first 23 years, B.B. (Before Blake) And yes, I am 27, but my dad's "responsibility" for me sort of left his shoulders when he walked me down that aisle - I love you, Dad! Happy Father's day! I know I could never adequately express my gratitude for all that you were and still are to me. And I'm SOOOO thankful for you! You're the greatest dad and G-Daddy!


  1. Oh man... let's all praise the Lord that Bub's not still sporting that awful shaggy haircut from last year. That's a blessing, indeed! ;)

    1. LOL!!! Amen, sister! I can say I am NOT a fan of that hair at ALL!

  2. You are very blessed to have such precious men in your life!! I LOVE both of them!!