Wednesday, June 20, 2012

One Year Pics

Picture overload warning!

I had Stella’s pictures taken a little over a week ago to commemorate her first year! I wanted them taken when she was actually a year old, but not too far past a year old. Picky, picky – I know.

We went up to the farm {where we will be moving…eventually} and took the pictures at Blake’s Aunt Brigitte’s house. Blake’s cousin, Kim, took the pictures and they turned out just precious. I’ve been so consistent about having pictures made of Stella because I LOVE looking back at pictures {I am, admittedly, not as good with video as I wish I was}. I have album after album from the last 6 years of Blake and I being together and I love opening them up and reminiscing. I could honestly decorate of every square inch of wall space in our home with pictures of this baby girl, but I will refrain!

I bought Stella's purple, ruffle romper and headband on Etsy a couple months ago. And then, my girlfriend, Lauren, gave Stella the shabby chic romper for Stella's birthday. I was so happy with the way both outfits turned out!

Since we had over 300 pictures, I’ll just share my favorites…which is a lot. But I forewarned you! And yes...I HAD to comment on each and every one ;)

{oh this face! I could die of cuteness}

{our little clapping girl}

{somebody found a shotgun shell - what do you expect in the country?}

{tea time}

{this swing made for some adorable pics}

{I can't lie - I kind of think it's cute when she hangs her tongue out like that}

{sweet baby, toddler girl}

{tAke yOu FoR a rIdE oN My bIg GreEn tRacTor}

{she has a much better Peek-A-Boo face than this - but this cracks me up!}

{Stella has mastered blowing kisses...she just blows them with the back of her hand}

{happy girl}

{this face makes me smile...I love the whispy hair and little teeth}

{for some reason this expression just does me in}

{cutest booty EVER}

{yep...nuff said}

{hey, like you've never done it before?}

{one of my absolute favorites}

{doesn't she look like a cute little peacock?}

{another favorite because it so accurately portrays every single roll...and I love each of them equally}


  1. These pictures are precious!! Love her little outfits. This is kinda random, but my SIl was looking at those rompers on Etsy and found they were pretty pricey. My Mom found this website and the prices are GREAT on all things girl. I'm not sure of the quality, but you can't beat the prices!!

    And I got your comment about getting together this summer!! I would LOVE to do that. Since you would be taking a day off, you decide what you would like to do, and we will gladly join. You can e-mail me at We are pretty much free any day except for Thursdays. I have Bible Study from 9:30-11:30 and then P has to come home and nap since he misses his morning nap.

  2. SOOO cute!!! The one with her lauging with the teacup near the end is my very favorite! I want one of those so I can frame it and put it in my office!

  3. She is sooooo adorable!!!! I love the pics and your cute comments!!! Her outfits are adorable!!1

  4. Oh my goodness how precious! I love the one with her on the tractor! You dress her beautifully!

  5. I could just look at these pics all day long!!!!