Thursday, June 28, 2012


So, just to let ya’ll know, my Monday didn’t turn out to be as disappointing as I had first thought.

I was driving to work and my “check engine” light came on. About 2 minutes later, I started losing acceleration and was able to pull off to a side street and get out of traffic. Thankfully, there was a cop right there and he said it sounded like my transmission. THUD! {that was my jaw hitting the ground} My car is a 2007 and I would not think I should be having transmission issues at this point.

So, I was able to get roadside assistance to tow me to the Lincoln dealership. They did a diagnostic test on it and it was a couple of sensors in the car’s computer that were malfunctioning. Those were covered under my powertrain warranty, so that was FREE!

And I was back in business with my car on Tuesday – woo hoo!

Thankfully this cutie wasn't with me for all the drama!


  1. YAY! I'm so glad they were able to fix it!! :)

  2. The little cutie seems to be getting bigger. I had trouble with oxygen sensors in my car. Not fun. Darn modern technology.