Friday, December 7, 2012

Sassy the Pony

As part of Stella's Christmas present this year, we bought her a pony. Sassy came from the same breeder who we bought our buckskin colt, Cadillac. Sassy was used as her daughter's pony for the last several years and had been used previously in the Special Olympics and other therapeutic riding sessions. She had to go through a lot of desensitization for those events, so we were confident she would make a great pony for Stella.

And in typical Blake and Faith fashion - we gave Stella her present early! Since Stella really doesn't understand yet what's going on and that this pony is hers, we figured it would be fun to go ahead and get her riding and sitting on Sassy. We still have a few more little surprises for Stella on Christmas, but we'll bring Sassy to the house that day with a big red bow! We've been working on converting part of the shop at our house into a barn. The stalls are now set up and we're just re-doing the front of the shop, trim, and door. It's beginning to look a lot more horse-friendly around our house and I'm EXCITED! We'll be sending my horse, Cadillac, off for more training in January and I'm already ready to get him back and really start going on some fun rides!
{Cadillac looking good with his saddle on!}

{Blake's horses in our new stalls}

Here are just a small number of pictures that I've taken of Stella on Sassy. Judging by her smiles, giggles, and waves, I'm pretty sure she's a natural!