Friday, December 21, 2012

Duck Hunters

Last week, we took our annual duck and goose hunting trip with our friends, Ryan and Melissa. Blake's family has a deer lease in Northwestern Oklahoma (just a few miles from the Kansas border) and not only are the deer plentiful, but the ducks and geese number in the thousands!

{my reading material - my definition of camping :)}
We packed up and headed out last Thursday morning and I had talked Blake into taking a different route that was going to go right through Tishomingo, OK....which just happened to be where Miranda Lambert opened her new store, The Pink Pistol! So, Melissa and I got to have a little shopping excursion on our way to the deer lease!
{all packed up}

{The Pink Pistol - Tishomingo, OK}

{Blake and Blake}

I decided not to hunt in the mornings with the group. I wanted to sleep in and enjoy no work and no kiddo! We stayed in a trailer, but it was cozy. The trailer had just been moved the week before, so luckily the electricity and water were turned on, but not the propane. So, cooking was a little tricky! We scouted that first night we were there and could not believe all the geese flying around. Their honking was so loud and I was getting excited for the hunt!

{All those dots are geese!}

{Our home for the weekend}

{comfy - cozy}

The boys set up the duck and goose decoys and we hunkered down! We saw THOUSANDS of geese flying around, but only a few came to the pond where we were at. The hunting itself wasn't as good as it has been in the past, but it was still fun. It's just frustrating to see that many flying around but none coming in close enough to get a shot at.

{Blake, Blaze, and Ryan}

{The country is just beautiful up there}

{Camo couple}

{Melissa and I in our camo get-up}

{boys and their decoys}

{Can you see me???}

{Yes....I resorted to taking selfie's while I was bored out of mind waiting for those flying birds!}

{We look like killin' machines}

{There was absolutely NO shortage of turkeys - they were EVERYWHERE}

{This was what I did during our second day hunt}

Sadly, on Tuesday, we got this picture of the trailer on fire. There had been a propane leak and somehow the trailer had caught on fire. I'm SO thankful we weren't there when this happened and that the carbon monoxide didn't affect us. So scary!


  1. Love y'all! (And am SOO thankful you weren't in that trailer when it caught fire!!)

  2. What!?!? I am glad y'all were okay!! That's crazy.