Thursday, December 20, 2012


Our first attempt to take Stella to see Santa was at Bass Pro Shops. We got there 30 minutes before Santa "opened" and the line was incredibly ridiculous. So, we waited for over 45 minutes and barely moved 10 feet - and Stella was starting to lose it! So, we packed up and headed home. I refuse to put Stella {or myself...or the other people in line} through that.

So, my mom so graciously offered to pick Stella up from school before lunch one day and meet me at Willowbend mall so that Stella could see Santa. We basically walked right up and only had about a 10 minute wait. Stella was all smiles and giggles while we waited for Santa....

Until she was plopped in Santa's lap.

I have never seen her act remotely scared like this. I mean, during Halloween, she was reaching for some legitimately scary looking folks and wanting them to hold her.But, apparently, the jolly fat man did her in. I was a little disappointed, only because I didn't expect that reaction from her, but the picture is still priceless because we'll always remember this!

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