Saturday, December 8, 2012

November Through the Camera

Here are some random pictures from our November!

{I just think kids look so cute in footie pajamas}

{She had something specific in mind that she was looking for}

{Playing with G-Daddy}

{My wild woman at Dillard's}

{Loving on Grits}

{More Grits snuggles

{Pilgrim hat}

{this was a lot of fun until the box tumped over and Stella got a busted chin}

{Election night}

{Enjoying some Scottie P's while daddy was at the deer lease}

{Grit's chillin' spot}

{I love Grits sitting under this tree - like he's telling us he's our gift}

{Christmas jazz in Stella's room}

{Stella and I at the arena}

{G-Mommy and Stella at Thanksgiving}

{It's amazing to think that last Thanksgiving she was eating baby food - and now she's this big}

{Family photo op}

{Stella and Uncle Micah - they love each other}

{Relaxing after Thanksgiving dinner at Blake's mom's house}

{Stella showing off her climbing skills}

{Sharing my pie with Stella on Thanksgiving}

{A Meaningful Christmas devotion ornament swap}

{Giving Elmo kisses}

{I loved our Erin Condren Christmas cards!}


  1. Love all the sweet photos and could spend all day looking at them!!!

  2. I love all these! That pink shirt is the cutest! And the pilgrim hat, too cute!!

  3. Stella is one cute kiddo (of course, so is her Mommy)!! Loved y'all Christmas card, and we'll miss you this year in ATL. But enjoy your little family, and we'll see ya soon...who knows, maybe even in Texas!!
    Love ya,
    Aunt Margie