Saturday, September 8, 2012


I came across some pictures from when Blake and I were dating. Most of these pictures were taken either when Blake was home on leave from the Navy or in San Marcos. But, they bring back great memories, so I thought I’d share!

{Christmas 2006}

Blake and I “officially” started dating around Christmas 2006 when he was home for a few weeks from Japan. He left to go back to Japan right before New Year’s, but was back less than a month later when we found out Greg {his dad} had to have open heart surgery. This allowed Blake to be home another month and we didn’t have to do the “long distance” thing.

[January 2007- Blake shaved his head in a mohawk for his dad's surgery}
Then, in February 2007 he went back to Japan {again} and  got out of the Navy May of that year. We spent EVERY weekend together as Blake would make the 4 hour drive down to San Marcos to visit me from Dallas as I was taking a crazy load of classes to finish up my degree in Healthcare Administration so that I could move back to Dallas in the fall and do my internship that was required for graduation.

We were engaged by December of that year and married in May 2008. I absolutely LOVE looking back at these pictures and that special time in our lives!

{Mesquite Rodeo}

{attending a wedding}

{hanging out on Matt's boat}

{Jami's wedding}

{in San Marcos - Aquarena Springs boat tour}

{hanging out in San Marcos}

{the day Blake bought a blue heeler puppy in Canton - Jules, i.e. the spawn of Satan}

{Blake's stepmom, Lori's, birthday}

{Blake home on leave}

{the night before my 22nd birthday}

{kisses for my birthday}

{more Blake home on leave - keeping us up late}

{fun on the lake}

{the dirt races}

{at my apartment in San Marcos}

{more home on leave}

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  1. Wow!! How time flies!! Y'all are a good looking couple!! Love you both--AND of course, Stells Boo!!