Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Friday Night Lights

It's football season! I was never a huge fan of football before Blake and I got married, but since we watch so much of it, I figured I better start paying attention and figure out what this game is about...and now I love it! Or maybe I just love everything that surrounds it ;)

Blake's cousin is a senior this year at Community High School and plays football, which is also the highschool that Blake, his parents, his grandparents, etc graduated from so we went to cheer on his cousin at the game Friday night.

Stella is a natural at cheering for football games - she loved the crowd, the band, the cheerleaders, and pointing her finger and babbling at the football players. Cutest thing I've ever seen. I think we'll definitely have to be taking her back to most of the home games!

{trying to figure out what all those boys were doing on the field}

{having fun with PawPaw}

{Go Braves!}

{Stella liked holding that bell that made noise!}

{She paid better attention than I did!}

{Laughing at her cousin, Carson}

{They won!}

{Fun Friday Night}


  1. What a precious little cheerleader!

  2. Cute! She needs a cheerleader outfit!

  3. Love that idea Lauren!! I will be looking for one!! Great photos Faith!!

  4. Mine and Matt's high school play each other for the first time in quite a while. We are going to go to the game, but I'm not sure if we'll bring Pearson. I don't think he would even sit still. I guess that's the difference between boys and girls!!!