Thursday, September 6, 2012

Stella + Terryl

Over Labor Day weekend, Stella and I got to visit with one of my friends from high school, Audrey, and her little cutie, Terryl! I’ve been able to see Terryl “grow up” through Instagram and Audrey’s blog since they live in Nevada {the state, not the city I live in!}, but it was so fun actually getting to meet him AND to be able to let Stella and Terryl play together.

Both kiddo’s LOVED Terryl’s ball pit and I’ve definitely decided this is a toy Stella HAS to have. The little girl does not do dolls or babies – she is all about balls and ropes! They played on Terryl’s little 4-wheeler and his wooden horses. Although at first I think they were a little wary of each other – they warmed up eventually and Stella had so much fun playing!

I hope to have more play dates with Terryl and Audrey when they visit again! Thanks Audrey and Terryl for playing with us!

{This is the most unflattering picture of me - but it's the only one I have of all 4 of us!}

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