Friday, September 7, 2012

Dove Season

Well, in keeping with tradition {who’s tradition? I’m not really sure} we went dove hunting over Labor Day weekend since it was  the opening of dove season on September 1st. I cannot shoot a moving target to save my life, so I was only out there for the thrill of the action…except it was more like the lack of action. I was really hoping to have some dove to be able to grill when we got back home with some jalapeno, bacon, and cheese – but we only shot one.

Blake had gone Saturday evening and there seemed to be more dove than on Monday morning, but I just like hanging with Blake, so I had fun! My dad, our pastor, and his two sons joined us. I felt so bad because there were seriously less than 15 dove that flew over us the entire couple hours we were out there, but I think everyone still had a good time!

Stella had stayed the night with my parents Sunday night so that I could get up at 6am {on my day off} and not worry about waking her up or having to have someone come over early and watch her. AND that meant I got to do a little horseback riding Sunday night, too! As soon as we left the field after hunting Monday morning, Blake and I went to Ballard Street Café and had some breakfast and then went and picked Stella up. Then, we had a relaxing rest of our Labor Day!

{One of my favorite views...from the top of a horse}

{taking aim}

{the hunters}

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