Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dallas World Aquarium

First, let me say that I know I should probably win “the most inconsistent blogger” award, but July has been SO busy, y’all! And I’ve been loving every crazy minute. Work’s been a little tough lately, which means I want nothing to do with the computer when I come home!

Stella has been growing like a weed. It just amazes me how smart she is. She picks up on things so quickly and I just love watching her as she sees and experiences new things. She’s just a breath of fresh air every time I have a bad day. And it’s on those days that it hits me most that I will never get this day back in her life and so I try and cherish every single moment. I just love being Stella’s mommy!

I’d been wanting to take Stella to an aquarium for a while. She LOVES the fish tank at the doctor’s office so I thought she might really enjoy the aquarium. We have plans of taking her to the zoo, but it’s just too hot right now for us and the animals! My most recent aquarium experience was in Atlanta {most of my family lives in Georgia} and we went a few years ago when their new aquarium opened {and the rest of the UGA football was there – Go Bulldogs!}. However, since that is the largest indoor aquarium, my hopes were a little dashed once we were in the Dallas World Aquarium.

We really did have a great time despite how crowded it was {which, duh, I should have known it would be crazy on a Saturday afternoon}. We went with Sheli and Steve, my precious in-laws, and I enjoyed seeing all the creatures. So many of the animals were sort of camouflaged into their surroundings that I think it was hard for Stella to actually see that there was something there. She definitely was intrigued by the fish though…but I’m a party-pooper and I do NOT want a fish tank in my house. So, she’ll have to love them from afar!

{The big turtle - the concept of the "glass" was new at first! Stella couldn't figure out why she was having trouble actually touching the turtle}

{Sweetest Grammy ever - Stella sure loves her Grammy!}

{Loved this guy - so did everyone else so I couldn't get a good shot}

{Polka-Dot Sting Rays}

{Huge alligator - well, I guess he could have been a crocodile for all I know}

{by far my favorite - Mr. Sloth}

{Ant-eater type thing, but they're hard to see with the glare of the glass}

{this guy gives a whole new meaning to "crabbing" on the beach at night - he was HUGE}

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  1. We have plans to go to the Aquarium in a few weeks. Matt is taking off so we can all go together. I think we might check out the aquarium at Fair Park. I know it's not going to be as great, but it is cheaper. And I'm sure Pearson won't know the difference!!