Friday, July 27, 2012

Cheyenne, WY - Part I

We just got back from a trip to Wyoming with our friends Cody and Lauren. With the amount of pictures I took, I decided I’d break this up into two {or three} posts! We’ve gone to rodeos for years with Cody and Lauren, so this year we wanted to go to the Daddy of ‘Em All, which is the Cheyenne Frontier Days rodeo. We decided to leave our kiddo’s at home and just make it an adult trip {we’ll definitely be taking them next time cause I sure missed that little girl a TON}. We had such a blast, though. The scenery was beautiful, the rodeo was the best I’d ever been to, and there was no shortage of laughs!

We left last Thursday evening and drove through the night. We went up through Oklahoma and Kansas and then cut over through Denver and went right on up to Cheyenne. We had one potty break at the Riverwind casino, which was kind of nice because it broke up the trips inside the gas stations! After our 10 minute stop we were back on the road! Early that next morning we started hearing on the radio about the shooting in Aurora, CO. Then, low and behold, we were driving through it. My heart still breaks for those victims and their families.

{potty break}

{it felt good to stretch our legs - and we were only in Oklahoma!}

{we still had a LONG way}

We arrived in Cheyenne around 10am and got to it! We parked and walked downtown for a little while and went into the Boot Barn to get a shirt for Blake and some jeans for Cody. We grabbed some fast food and checked into our hotel cause we were in desperate need of a nap after that long, 15 hour drive.

{our "home away from home" in Cheyenne}

We ended up hanging out in downtown that night. That city was made for cowboy’s. There are big, oversized boot monument-things around the Cheyenne Depot Plaza and it seems that all of their capitol buildings each have some sort of “cowboy” type monument in front of them.

That next morning was the parade through town, so we woke up early to go grab some breakfast {best gravy ever!} and got an up front seat for the parade!

After the parade we had Mexican food and they had WHITE queso – my all-time favorite! If I could have shipped it back home I would not have hesitated.

Later that afternoon we saw the coolest magic show. My head is literally still spinning with how in the world they pulled off some of that stuff. Blake is pretty sure that he had all the tricks figured out ;)

We ate at T-Joe’s steakhouse that evening { we laughed when we pulled in because it was more like a truck stop}! But it was fun and delicious nonetheless! Then, we headed to Cadillac Ranch for a little honky-tonking and two-steppin’!


{I had to take a pic just because I thought the name of their gas stations were so funny}

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  1. I may have to go there just for the white queso. Great pictures.