Sunday, June 2, 2013

Anniversary and Birthday!

On Friday, we celebrated our 5th anniversary and Stella's 2nd birthday! It definitely does not seem like Blake and I have been married for 5 years {which I think is a good thing}! He's such a hard worker for our family and at the risk of being way too cliche, I'm seriously so blessed to have him!

My sweet little girl is finally 2! I feel like I've been dreading her actually turning two because she's officially not a baby anymore. We woke up Friday morning and I made her favorite breakfast - "eggies!" We played a little that morning and I also started cleaning for her party the next day. My mom came over for a little while to help me clean AND help me with Stella while I cleaned {it's a wonder my house stays clean like it does, because it is NOT easy with Miss Priss running around}! For lunch, my parents met me at Chuck E Cheese and we stayed there about an hour and let Stella run around and play. That place is sensory overload for a two year old - she was mesmerized by everything and even did the Cupid Shuffle with Chuck E!

Since we were getting the house ready for Stella's party on Saturday, we had a low-key Friday night and just grabbed Mexican food {with sopapillas, of course} and then made our 3rd Home Depot run for the week! Blake did an AMAZING job fixing up the landscaping and that was the best anniversary present I could have imagined {which is so lame - either I'm really getting old or our landscaping REALLY needed some TLC}! Then, we prepped our pony, Sassy, for her transformation to a unicorn!

I honestly couldn't imagine a better way to spend this day than being with those two!

{she's usually happy in the mornings, but I think the camera in her face first thing was not too enjoyable!}

{opening some presents from Mommy and Daddy}

{posing in her dress-up shoes}

{Watching Chuck E Cheese from afar}

{She wanted in this car until it started moving all over the place!}

{Choo Choo!}

{no caption necessary!}

{She finally got brave enough to go up there}

{Cupid Shuffle}

{Sassy after we put the extensions in her hair}

{back porch}


  1. So cute! The landscaping looked great! I love Sassy extensions!