Friday, November 15, 2013

Scorpions and Such

Well, I'm going to start this post by telling you that two weeks ago my sweet girl got stung by a scorpion. Scariest moment ever. Blake was out of town at the deer lease for a few days (of course something like this would happen when I'm by myself). And I REALLY like to think of myself as being able to handle these type of situations with a clear mind….but I'll admit, I'm dramatic and emotional especially when I'm seeing my baby girl in pain. She was sitting on the fireplace just playing away with her baby dolls and she started grabbing her foot and crying. I asked her to come here and she just sat there bawling and still holding her foot, so I walked over there and picked her up. I actually saw nothing on her foot or leg that would have indicated anything was wrong, but then I looked at the fireplace right where her foot would have been and saw this…

Definitely freaked out. We ended up going into the dr.'s office and other than her crying because of the initial pain, she was fine. Our doctor said next time, just Benadryl and Cortisone cream will be fine. Well, let's hope there's NO next time, but if you follow me on Instagram our scorpions are well-documented and I'm actually relieved none of us have been stung prior to this. Apparently, scorpions around these parts are just like bee stings (but the ones in South America are much more dangerous…lil fact for ya). I blame it on the trees and especially now that the trees are all coming down because of the gas pipeline, I'm gearing up for more scorpion sitings (wahhhhh).

{At the doctor's office - she looks so pitiful}

We've had a great few weeks. Stella is saying the funniest things. Like when I tell her it's nap time, she'll look at me and hold up a finger and say "Almost!" Sometimes I give in, other times I'm quite ready for a little break. I'm back to being pretty tired and worn out from this pregnancy, so I covet any down time I can get. Stella has also been saying she's "nakedy" when we get undressed….and this is probably my favorite word of hers right now. It's so funny! She likes to negotiate with me about things (especially nap and night time) and tell me, "I'm gonna go lay on the couch some minutes." She's always been a great sleeper and still is, but there are some days where she's dropping her naps. She still goes to her crib for some "rest" or "alone" time, but many times she doesn't fall asleep. Night time is still great and I'm very thankful for that. She's now 2 1/2 and has seemed to hit a bit of an attitude and talking back/being disrespectful. That's been challenging, but I'm just trying to remain consistent.

After Halloween, I've started putting her hair in a lot more pony tails. She'll usually leave them in for way longer than she's ever left any bow in her hair, but if we go to get in the car she'll tell me "it's hurting" - which makes NO sense to me because the pony tail is on top of her head and not at all touching the back of the car seat. But, I just think she looks so stinkin' cute in the pony tails AND it gets all that hair out of her face!

I'll be 29 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I really love this stage of pregnancy as far as looks go (because every girl is a little vain!). I love it because I look legitimately pregnant, but I'm not swelling yet. If this pregnancy is like Stella's, then I have at least 3 more weeks and then I'll resign myself to swelling and no public pictures of myself! On the flip side, this is definitely the stage of pregnancy where pretty much everything hurts. I'm having lots of lower and middle back pain, some groin pain (ligaments), shortness of breath, pottying WAY too often, headaches again, heartburn, insomnia, and just fatigue. But, feeling Blakely move around like a little acrobat is so worth all the pain in the world. Stella still talks about Blakely multiple times a day and I can't wait to see what a great big sister she's going to be. We're at a bit of a stand still with Stella's room because I'm waiting on her dresser and nightstand to be done and then I'm looking for a bookshelf and/or something to store and organize books and toys. But, I'm just so surprisingly laid back about all this that I'm loving my new-found procrastination mode and I'm just going to go with the flow:)

{wearing her sunglasses like mommy}

{shopping the Dallas Sample Sale with my beautiful SIL}

{Playing at Tanner's 4th birthday party!}

{We had to get a new AC/Heater - it was pretty cold in our house that morning}

{It's wheat planting time!}

{Family night - daddy built a fire and fort…and of course we had to make S'mores!}

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