Tuesday, September 17, 2013

20 Week Update

We are so excited to share that we'll be having a little GIRL! Knowing first-hand how fun it is to have a sister, I couldn't be more excited that Stella will get to experience this and I just love sweet little girls! Don't get me wrong, we would have been equally ecstatic for a boy, but I've said before, I'm just glad God gets to decide and not me!

The sonogram lasted a little over thirty minutes and it was just so special seeing all the little parts of our baby girl as she was squirming around. The sonographer mentioned a couple times that she was having to go out of order to look at the anatomy since our little munchkin was quite active....which may have been from the honey-bun I ate that morning....oops! After the sonogram, our doctor reviewed all the images and said we had a perfectly healthy and growing little 13 oz. girl in there. I cannot tell you how relieved I am to know that physically everything checks out and my doctor assured me that he's not concerned about the CMV and feels pretty certain this was something I got prior to being pregnant. The risk to our girl greatly drops if that's the case, and I'm so very thankful!

I really can't believe I'm already half way through this pregnancy and the last half will only go faster. Starting with this past weekend {which gave us a bit of a scare since I got overheated and really sick on Saturday}, we actually don't have a weekend without plans until the end of October...ugh! And then all the holiday hustle and bustle will start and I think I'm already tired just typing about it! I am glad that I'll have much less to do and buy for this little baby. I registered for a lot of gender-neutral items with Stella so I still have all the essentials and all her's just a matter of getting Blake to help me get them from the attic! Plus, call me boring, but I'm keeping the same decor and bedding for this next baby. I'm just having trouble justifying re-doing a whole bedroom when this baby will be outgrowing it in a couple years. So, I'm opting to keep all the crib bedding and decor and then will concentrate on Stella's big girl room! I already have the bed and bedding, and then I've contacted our friends who re-paint furniture and they'll be working on a dresser and nightstand for her. My goal is to have her room done by Christmas and start her transition to her new room around that time.

We're just so very thrilled to have another healthy little daughter on the way!

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  1. So very HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!!!!! Can't wait to start decorating for Stella's new room!!!