Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Belated Birthday

I can't believe I still haven't written about Stella's birthday party. So that is definitely the first order of business in playing catch-up! I'll post some of the highlights from her sweet, little unicorn party below. BUT, you should know that I've felt pretty accomplished this last month just making sure Stella gets fed and bathed! More on this subject in my next post....

We had Stella's 2nd birthday party at our house the day after her actual birthday. I was motivated by the photography session with the unicorn to do a unicorn-themed party for her. We already had the pony, so I ordered the unicorn horn off Etsy and the mane/tail extensions from Gypsy Tails and decided most kids love ponies so it would be fun to have "unicorn" rides! The only other thing that I ordered were the adorable unicorn cupcake toppers from Etsy. Basically, all my other supplies were from Party City, including the piƱata! I made lots of snacky-type food and a lady at our church made the cupcakes. I was really so pleased with how everything turned out.

Most importantly were all the special people that joined in to help us celebrate. Stella is so blessed to have so many family and friends that love and support us.

Ok, confession...I'm absolutely tired of waiting on these pics to upload so this is all for now. I need some serious help from you more-experienced bloggers. It takes FOREVER to load pictures to my blog that I've taken from my DSLR. My iPhone pics load in a snap. So, am I supposed to be resizing my DSLR pic when I load them to my computer or any other suggestions as to why they take so stinkin' long to load onto the blog?


  1. If you WANT, you can change the setting on your camera so that when you take the pictures, they save to your camera as a smaller size. The problem with this would just be that if you ended up taking a picture that you wanted to have blown up, it probably wouldn't be high enough quality to do so. Otherwise, you can resize them after you save them to your computer using software.

  2. This was the cutest party!!! I loved the theme!! So happy we got to come!!