Saturday, January 26, 2013

My first week as a SAHM

I am now a stay at home mom (SAHM), officially, to my sweet Stella girl! I wish I could tell you this first week was full of glitter and gumdrops, but it wasn't! :) Both Stella and I ended up getting a nasty (and I will not elaborate on how awful it was) stomach bug. The highlight of our week was my cousin, Lauren, coming in town with her kiddos, Anne Margaret (who's about 10 months older than Stella) and her new baby, Comer (who's about 3 months old).

We spent last weekend in Ft Worth and saw the ranch rodeo on Saturday night. We called it an early night after the rodeo and went back to The Worthington and got some Z's!

First thing on Monday, I headed out to help my sister in law, Ryan, do some things for her new baby, Grace, who will arrive in April! I'm SO excited to be an aunt!

Then, on Tuesday, around lunch time, my cousin and her kids, my mom, and my sister came out to our house. We let the girls play a little before putting them down for a nap. We got to catch up and chit chat while the girls slept and after they woke up we headed out to ride the pony. The girls both loved jumping on the trampoline with my sister and then Blake took Stella for a little ride on the dirt bike! We had dinner with them that night at Scottie P's while my cousin's husband had a work conference.

Wednesday morning when I went in to Stella's room there was throw up (among other bodily fluids) in her crib and I felt so awful for the little angel. She was clearly not feeling well and we spent the rest of the morning taking it easy. She had zero appetite (which is SUPER unusual for her) and just wanted to be held {also very unusual}. That afternoon, I had realized that the pull-ups were NOT cutting it with the dirty diapers, so I needed to run to Walmart and get some diapers and pedialite. Blake really didn't want to stay home with her {due to all the dirty diapers, lol} and I really didn't want to take her to Walmart, so he drove us all there and they stayed in the car while I ran in. On our way home, Stella got sick in the car...not fun. We pulled over and did double-duty on getting her cleaned off and the car semi-cleaned off. I was so bummed because we had plans that day and that evening to spend with my cousin and her family, but I just didn't want to risk spreading these germs and I knew it would be best for everyone if we just stayed home.

Thursday was much the same. She was super pitiful and we laid around the house most of the day. That afternoon, since she hadn't thrown up all day, we decided to go to the farm and see Blake and PawPaw (Blake's dad}. As soon as I told her we were going to see PawPaw that's all she would say! "PawPaw, PawPaw!" Blake and Greg were out fixing the fence for the cows and I thought some fresh air and a change of scenery might do us good. Stella LOVED it. She particularly loved honking the horn of the truck the most...but I love what a little country girl she is.

Unfortunately, Friday the virus hit me. And it was miserable. I had to call Blake to ask him to come home from duck hunting and luckily he was already on his way. He stayed with us most of the day to help me out with Stella while I moaned and groaned in bed from horrid stomach pains. My mom, bless her, came and got Stella around 3ish and took Stella with her and my dad so that I could get some good rest. It was pretty much the sweetest, most needed thing ever! I had no idea how HARD it is to take care of a child when you're sick. It's nearly impossible! But, my poor mom woke up today with the same symptoms :( So I rushed over there this morning to get the little princess so that my mom could rest! Luckily, my dad was a huge help with Stella last night and this morning, too! I don't know what I would do without them, seriously!!

Next week, I'm hoping to have a little more structure and we get to start our "gymnastics" mommy-and-me type class and we'll go to story-time at the library. I'm so looking forward to spending more time with my little growing girl!


  1. Well, I guess even though your first week at home wasn't glorious, you didn't have to feel torn with not getting any work done while you were taking care of Stella and being sick yourself. Where are you doing a gymnastics class? My SIL just started Olivia in one. And where are you going to Story Time. WE go to the Wylie Library every Wednesday.

  2. Loved seeing you and hate that all of yall got sick! NO fun!!! Stella is a doll baby! xooxxo