Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween 2012

I can't believe I'm a week late on posting this, but I had to share my lil watermelon with y'all.  Halloween evening we did a hay ride with Blake's family. This tradition was started many years ago. On Halloween, they do a hay ride for the kids (since out here the houses aren't close together, so it's easier to ride on a hay ride like this - and WAY more fun!) and then at Christmas, they do a hay ride and go caroling. Last year, Stella was just still too little, so I've been looking forward to this hay ride for a while! We had a blast and Stella raked in lots of candy...which all went to Blake. I'm not much of a candy-eater and I certainly would never let Stella eat all of that! I must say - I thought she was pretty adorable as a little watermelon!

{this was the weekend prior to Halloween - we went to a friend's birthday party and Stella actually wore her hat!}

{Cutest little rodeo clown and watermelon - Stella couldn't really understand why Cutter didn't want to play with her, ha!}


  1. Precious,Precious, Precious!!! She is such a BLESSING!!!!!

  2. I've never seen a cuter halloween costume!! Adorable!